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Darrin Patrick and Dave Harvey on Church Planting

These are some notes from the breakout session with Darrin Patrick and Dave Harvey on church planting.

“The reason why the gospel is quarantined from parts of our cities is that it is quarantined from parts of our hearts.” -Darrin Patrick

How to spot a church planter (Dave Harvey)
“A gifted guy in the wrong role serves neither the church nor the mission.”

1) Looking for a pastor – connect this role to people. Men need to be equipped not just for the launch, but for the ministry. This would be like equipping a man for the honeymoon but not the marriage!

Is he fit to preach? This is the one thing not required of deacons or the average church member. This is about communicating sound doctrine. He must be an expositor. This gifting should draw people in to him and the Savior. Does his preaching turn people toward the gospel?

2) Is he fit for the lost? Can he do the work of an evangelist? He needs to be in and among the lost. Does he look beyond the walls of the church? It takes work. Do the work of an evangelist. He must be called to the lost.

3) Is he fitted for leadership? Is there a grace upon his life that manifests itself in a diligent concern for the lost? Are people drawn to him? Do they talk about his impact? Can he delegate to others? Can he transfer faith and confidence in God?

Look for a series on church planting coming soon.


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