The journey we find ourselves on

Matt Chandler: The Fulfillment of the Gospel. Rev 21 & 22

These are my notes for Matt Chandler’s sermon at T4G. You can listen to the audio here (probably later this afternoon).

Places where hope is found for the man of God:
1) The first fruits of hope – a rescue is coming! The promise of the OT (Gen 3 and beyond).
2) Jesus came!
3) Jesus called! It pleased God to reveal Jesus Christ to you!
4) Future hope. There will be a day we are no longer looking forward to this day!

“Hope without a time of fulfillment is a delusion.” -Graeme Goldsworthy

People blinded by sin think we are absurd. The message will always reek of death to some if you will preach it fully.

The crown jewel of the new creation is the bride of Christ! Pastors wash and guard the bride.

There is no time set for worship, no need for a Temple. God is there!

Straddling two worlds is a miserable view of heaven. Sell out! It is this view of heaven that led Paul to call his afflictions light and momentary. Go all in. Quit hedging your bets! Believe fully in your hope so much that of you are wrong you should be greatly pitied! Find hope.

There is a finish line when the hard things will be remembered no more.



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