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Seeing NEEDTOBREATHE in Concert in Lexington

How awesome is my wife? In January she asked who my favorite band was. I said Needtobreathe was near the top right now, so she bought two tickets to their show in Lexington (about an hour drive) three months out. She told me to keep my night free, but wouldn’t tell me what we were doing.

Ben Rector opened. If you don’t own his CD, you should. I discovered Ben via a free Noise Trade sampler about six months ago. Very fun, lively, and soulful tunes. Ben and his band made for one of the best opening acts I’ve seen.

Then Needtobreathe came on. I’ll have to say, I’ve been to a lot of really loud concerts. I may just be getting old, but I think this may have been the loudest concert I’ve ever been to. My ears felt violated. But in spite of the overwhelming decibel level, it was a great show. I love the way Needtobreathe melds together their gospel music roots with very singable pop/rock melodies and blues rock guitars. A little piano and organ to fill out the sound, and oodles of harmonies. If you aren’t listening to these guys, you should be. You can thank me later.

So here’s a little video Kolby took from her camera at the show. It’s on YouTube, but it’s private. You can only get to it from here. Enjoy!


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