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A Cause Worth Dancing For: A Dosey Doe for the Children of the Congo

My friend Augie grew up in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo, an African nation torn by wars and ravaged by foreign corporate interests. He came to our church soon after immigrating to the US, and we have watched him work hard to establish himself in his new country. He now has a steady job, is taking night classes at a community college, and has his own apartment. It has been our privilege as a church to get to know Augie, and help him through the process of getting to know his new country.

Augie came here by himself and all his family is still in Congo, including two nephews and a niece whose father – Augie’s brother – is no longer living. Augie has been appointed their guardian, and is working to bring them over from the Congo, because of the dangers they face there. If you have seen any news coming out of central Africa, you have heard about the wars, kidnapping, and child soldiers. Augie’s nephews and niece are in a high risk area, where they could be kidnapped and forced to fight in the army. Additionally, rape and the sexual violence in Congo is some of the worst in the world.

Our church is working with Augie to make sure this does not happen, but we need your help! Sunday April 29th, from 6 to 9 PM we will be hosting a square dance at Middletown United Methodist Church here in Louisville. We are asking for a minimum donation of $5 per person/$15 per family to help cover the paperwork, legal fees, and everything involved with removing these children from harm’s way. Please join us in the cause!

You can view the e-vite online. More details to follow regarding a website, a way to make donations, and t-shirts that are in the works, so check back soon!


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