The journey we find ourselves on

The Sound of Music

One of my hopes in starting this blog was to use it as a way to work through song ideas and share them. I have been writing songs since I picked up the guitar nearly 14 years ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of a worship team at our church over the past four years that is constantly writing songs for worship and singing these new songs to the Lord. I am a firm believer that the music of the church has a profound impact on shaping the church’s culture. Songs that grow out of the life of the church give the church an opportunity to clearly express together a shared identity in Christ and render praise to God for this identity.

Over the course of the last two years, I have bought and sold thousands of dollars worth of musical and recording equipment. It’s sort of an odd hobby I have, and it’s been a chance to meet a lot of people with similar interests and aspirations. But several months ago, I had run out of time and space for my recording equipment, so I sold it all and with some of the money, bought some new guitar gear. After a songwriting event at the seminary recently, I finally decided I wanted at least a basic recording setup for song ideas as they came and making some basic demos. So this week, I bought an Apogee Duet 2 on eBay that I hope to use to capture some of what I’m working on. So hopefully, I’ll be getting some new material here soon. In the meantime, enjoy some music from Needtobreathe.

They teased us last week at the concert. They played the intro 1 chord with the 4 suspended chord over and over and over for like 10 minutes, Bear muttered a bunch of stuff, and then they stopped and went on to another song. Not cool guys. Not cool. Play the song already.


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