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For Sale: PRS Starla, Gretsch Country Classic, Fender Tele, 65 Amps Marquee, Boss DD-7

This is not what I normally use my blog for, but it’s my blog, so who’s gonna stop me? The guys at church laugh at me. It’s become a running joke how many guitars and amps I have gone through, but I’m at it again. I love trying new things, so I go through a lot of gear. It’s become a bit of a hobby to shop around and find good stuff and trade with people. And I’ve met some cool people doing it, so it’s a win-win.

Prices are for a local sale in Memphis, TN. Otherwise, I could ship and take Paypal, but that’s on you.

Gretsch Country Classic $1500
It’s in nice shape, with Bigsby. I believe this is a 2002. Strap locks, OHSC.

PRS Starla $1100 SOLD
PRS Humbucking pups hwith coil splitting and a Bigsby. This is an extremely versatile guitar! They started making these in ’07, but I’m not sure the exact year. Dunlop strap locks, OHSC.

Fender American Standard Telecaster $700 SOLD
Blizzard pearl with two single coil Tele pups. Rosewood neck. 2009 model in like new condition. Dunlop strap locks and OHSC.

65 Amps Marquee Head w/2×12″ cab and road case (fits the head and cab together). Has been on tour and has a few signs of wear, but sounds phenomenal.
Would sell the head for $1500 SOLD
Cab for $650 (no pictures of the cab, but the condition is very similar to the head) sOLD
Road case for $300 SOLD
To sell the cab, I have to find another amp, which mean the head has to sell first. Really would prefer to trade for a Morgan.

Boss DD-7 $110 SOLD
It’s a Boss delay pedal. Internal or external tap tempo and looping. In good shape with velcro. It’s sturdy and reliable.

Here are some pictures of everything, including some other stuff I already sold: Album 1 | Album 2

Trades I’m interested in would be a Gibson ES-137 (or something similar), a Morgan amp in head/cab config (prefer EL84s and EF86), or a tube mic in the $1500 and under range (Advanced Audio, Lawson, ADK Custom Shop, Pearlman, Soundelux).

If you’re interested, leave me a comment or Tweet me.


4 responses

  1. Micah McCuistion

    Are you still selling the Starla???

    September 26, 2012 at 10:57 pm

  2. boris

    still selling the marquee ? i’m in europe. how much would be the shipping?

    September 30, 2012 at 11:38 am

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